Delayed shipping due to coronavirus outbreak in China

Dear buyers,

As you may already heard that there is novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China in January 2020, in order to block the virus from spreading through the whole country and keep people safe, the Chinese government has announced that the factories/companies prolong the CNY holiday until Feb 10th. We will get back to work on Feb 10th and start the production, all orders we receive between Jan 18th to Feb 10th will be shipped from Feb 13th.

We are sorry for the delayed shipping of your order; your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Monz Sex Dolls


Feb 11th update:

By yesterday, the factories of JY Doll, AS Doll, AF Doll have come back to work, they already started to process the orders, we will ship the orders of these brands ASAP. Other factories will be getting back to work sooner or later when they are ready, depending on their own situation.  Please note that in February the lead time is longer because of many accumulated orders during CNY holiday, and factories can’t return to normal capacity in a short time due to the impact by the epidemic corona virus.

Please check back on this page for future updates.   


Feb 14th update:

HR Doll, 6Ye Doll have restored to work.


Feb 20th update:

WM Doll, SY Doll factories have get back work.


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