WM Doll's product anti-counterfeiting system launched 0

The sex doll manufacturer WM Doll has officially launched their product anti-counterfeiting system, each WM doll comes with a unique anti-counterfe...
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Irontech Doll April 2021 Promotion 0

Buy any 150cm+ Irontech Doll in this April, you will get below upgrade/gift for FREE: 1. Upgraded Skeleton 2. Second head  3. Gel-filled Breasts

Factories Shutdown During Chinese New Year Holiday 2021 0

Dear customers, We are in Chinese Lunar New Year holiday now, this is the most important festival in China. Sex Doll factories are closed from Feb ...
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COVID-19 is causing shipping delays 4

Updated on August 23, 2021 The international logistics industry is severely impacted by the corona virus outbreak, shipping companies like FedEx, U...